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Amnesty International is a global movement of over 7 million people in more than 150 countries working together to protect and promote human rights. People are the strength of our organization.  It is because so many people speak out for justice that Amnesty International is able to achieve remarkable things. For over 50 years, we have provided the world with reliable and accurate information about human rights violations and international human rights laws and standards. We believe that we are at our most powerful when we stand together for human rights. Each person, no matter who or where they are, can make change happen by acting in concert with others who share their vision of a world where everyone lives in dignity.
Read more at: www.amnesty.ca/about-us



With its scenic views, mild climate, and friendly people, Vancouver is known around the world as both a popular tourist attraction and one of the best places to live. Vancouver is also one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in Canada with 52 percent of the population speaking a first language other than English. Vancouver has hosted many international conferences and events, including the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2010 Winter Paralympics.
Find out more: vancouver.ca/news-calendar/our-city.aspx



Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is a national non-profit organization that has protected over 400,000 square kilometers of threatened areas across Canada since 1963. Our vision is to protect Canada’s wilderness, keeping our parks, oceans, and ecosystems as wild places that can nurse nature through climate change and shelter biodiversity for generations to come. The British Columbia chapter was founded in 1979 and is one of 13 CPAWS chapters across Canada. Our three main program areas are connecting Canadians to nature, creating new marine and terrestrial protected areas, and ensuring the maintenance and proper stewardship of Canada’s wilderness and protected areas.
Read more at: www.cpaws.org/about



DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society (DIVERSEcity) is a registered not for profit agency offering a wide range of services and programs to the culturally diverse communities of the lower mainland. Established in 1978 (under its founding name of SURREY DELTA IMMIGRANT SERVICES SOCIETY (SDISS)) and has over three decades of service to the community. Our programs continue to expand and change to reflect the unique needs of the diverse community we serve. We have a strong commitment to raising awareness of the economic and cultural contributions immigrants make to Canadian society, and to raising awareness of the value of diversity.
Find out more at: www.dcrs.ca/



The Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC) is a province-wide, non-profit, victim-serving organization that has existed in BC for 25 years and is funded primarily by the Province of BC to serve as a resource for over 300 community-based services and initiatives supporting survivors of sexual violence relationship violence, child abuse and criminal harassment. Our goals are to: provide support and training to the staff and volunteers of community-based victim assistance programs in BC; undertake research, and develop and distribute resources and tools to community programs serving victims and survivors in BC; educate the public on the needs of victims and survivors of violence; develop and maintain standards for the provision of service to those who have experienced violence; foster the development of relevant cross-sectoral initiatives across BC and support communities to maintain them; provide related education and training to criminal justice, health and social service system personnel; work in partnership with other provincial organizations, educational institutions and other key organizations in related fields to ensure cross-sectoral collaboration and information exchange at the provincial level; and engage in projects and programs that work toward the prevention of violence.
Learn more at: endingviolence.org/about-us/programs-we-serve/



Help Change My City Alliance (HCMC Alliance) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of lasting positive change in the lives of multi-barriered (at risk) or homeless youth within Metro Vancouver. The organization’s mission is to empower young people through mentorship, character building, and advanced skill training. HCMC Alliance is committed to equipping youth with employment skills leading to a better and more sustainable future for themselves.
More info at: www.helpchangemycity.ca/about/



ISSofBC, or Immigrant Services Society of BC, is one of the largest immigrant-serving agencies in Canada with a national and international reputation in the field of migrant issues and services for immigrants and refugees. Since 1972, we’ve been working with government and community partners to carry out our mission “Helping immigrants build a future in Canada” by providing services to help newcomers get settled, find careers and learn all they need to know about starting their lives in Canada. We provide targeted programs for refugees, women, children, and youth, plus support services in over 45 languages. Our programs and services are available throughout Metro Vancouver, Squamish and Northern BC. The opening in 2016 of the unique, purpose-built ISSofBC Welcome Centre in Vancouver, sets a new international standard in service delivery for immigrants and refugees.
Learn more at issbc.org



Lattitude Global Volunteering (formerly known as Gap Activity Projects) is an international youth development charity. Our mission is to educate and develop young people worldwide by providing inclusive opportunities for them to make a positive difference to the lives of others through a challenging and structured international volunteering experience in a culture and community different from their own. Through global volunteering, we aim to give young people the opportunity to realise the world beyond their community and to truly engage with it. They are encouraged to develop awareness and responsibilities towards themselves and others, equipping them with vital life skills.
More info at: www.lattitudecanada.org/what-we-do/



MOSAIC is one of the largest settlement organizations in Canada. Provincially, MOSAIC provides more employment supports and programs than any other immigrant serving organization in B.C.  Our expertise in employment services resulted in MOSAIC being the only immigrant serving organization to be awarded a contract to deliver services through the B.C. Government’s Employment Program of B.C. Supported by a board of directors, the organization manages a $20 million plus budget annually with more than 300 staff, 450 volunteers and 300 contractors.  Services are delivered from 26 client-accessible sites and include settlement assistance, English language training, employment programs, interpretation and translation, counselling services, and community outreach for families and individuals, including children, youth and seniors.  MOSAIC also offers services for the LGBTQ and temporary foreign worker communities.
Find out more at: www.mosaicbc.org/about/



We are a non-profit registered charity providing social services primarily in Surrey, Delta, White Rock and Langley. We believe in helping people help themselves. We believe in collaborating with individuals, businesses, community groups and government to create focused, effective and responsive resources for the community. OCS is currently governed by a volunteer Board of Directors representing the diversity of the communities we serve. We currently operate over 80 programs and projects, employ approximately 400 people and as many as 300 volunteers. OCS also operates a sister society: Habitat Housing Society. Habitat operates affordable housing complexes for low income families and mentally ill individuals.
Read more at: www.options.bc.ca/about-options-community-services/overview



Based in British Columbia, Options for Sexual Health is Canada’s largest non-profit provider of sexual health services through clinics, education programs, and the 1-800 SEX SENSE information and referral line. In 2011 we proudly celebrated our 50th birthday and in 2012 we opened our 60th clinic. Options for Sexual Health supports the unrestricted right of all women to choose when and if to have children. We support the right of young people to receive the sexual health education and services they seek, based on their informed consent.
Learn more at: www.optionsforsexualhealth.org/about-opt



PeaceGeeks is a global non-profit, volunteer organization that uses technology to build the technological, communications and management capacities of grassroots organizations who work to promote peace, accountability and human rights. We develop partnerships with these organizations to provide meaningful support designed to increase their skills, effectiveness and impact.
Find out more at: peacegeeks.org/about



Quest Outreach Society is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to “reducing hunger, with dignity” in Metro Vancouver and beyond. Quest delivers food assistance to people in need through an innovative model: operating five not for profit grocery markets under the brand “Quest Food Exchange”, in Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver, and Surrey. These markets offer surplus food donated by food suppliers to clients referred to Quest by a large number of Community Resource Partners, at a fraction of the retail price. By offering “a hand up, not a hand out”, Quest provides a transition service for clients to move from food bank reliance to self-reliance.
Find out more: www.questoutreach.org/about/



The RCMP’s mandate, as outlined in section 18 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act, is multi-faceted. It includes preventing and investigating crime; maintaining peace and order; enforcing laws; contributing to national security; ensuring the safety of state officials, visiting dignitaries and foreign missions; and providing vital operational support services to other police and law enforcement agencies within Canada and abroad.
Find out more at: www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/about-ausujet/index-eng.htm



Seniors Services Society is a non-profit agency located in New Westminster, which provides local and provincial programs and services to support vulnerable older adults to live as independently as possible. Our Mission: We assist seniors with housing, social and support programs. The new society was incorporated in February 2006 and now offers over fifty years of combined experience serving seniors in the BC Lower Mainland. Our society is proud to continue a strong legacy of volunteerism. We are supported by a dedicated team of 80 volunteers and are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.
More info at: www.seniorsservicessociety.ca/auaboutus.htm



The Society for Children and Youth of BC (SCY) is a unique provincial organization dedicated to improving the well-being of children and youth in British Columbia. Using the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a foundation, SCY has a track record of creating and delivering programs that have motivated change in research, legislation, policy, and practice in Canada.
Check out website to read about our recent initiative: www.scyofbc.org/



Our mission: Special Olympics BC is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities through sport. In 1980, Special Olympics BC started out with two weekends of games and about 500 participants. Today we provide year-round, high-quality sports programs and competitions for more than 4,600 athletes in 55 communities around the province, with the vital assistance of more than 3,900 trained, dedicated volunteers. The programs run by SOBC Locals in up to 18 sports and youth programs give athletes the chance to gain sport skills and improve their health while enjoying training that could take them to competitions at local, regional, national, and international levels.
Read more at: www.specialolympics.bc.ca/who-we-are/organization



UNA-Vancouver focuses on public engagement in Metro Vancouver, raising awareness on topics such as peace and security, human rights and sustainable development. Each year, UNA-Vancouver recognizes outstanding local people who are making a contribution in the field of international service and understanding through a variety of local awards.
Find out more at: unavancouver.wordpress.com/about/



A sanctuary in the heart of Stanley Park, the Vancouver Aquarium, an Ocean Wise ® initiative, is home to thousands of incredible ocean species and amazing aquatic life. It’s also Ocean Wise headquarters, where our scientists, educators and conservation experts do their work, not only to protect our oceans but to inspire others to join us in our mission. Since opening in 1956, the Vancouver Aquarium has connected more than 40 million people from around the world to our oceans and all the wonders within them.
Learn more at: www.vanaqua.org/about



West Coast LEAF (Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund) is the first and only organization in BC dedicated to promoting women’s equality through the law. West Coast LEAF has helped bring about some of the most important legal victories for women in Canada: safe access to reproductive rights; fair workplace standards; gender equality in family law; the right to be free of sexual harassment; and more. We’ve been working since 1985 to end discrimination against women and girls, through equality rights litigation, law reform, and public legal education. Our key areas of focus are gender-based violence, criminalization and incarceration, the right to parent, women’s health including reproductive rights, access to justice, and economic inequality.
To learn more about us, please visit www.westcoastleaf.org.


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