Q: I’m a high school student, can I attend?
A: Absolutely!
Q: I’m not a student, can I still attend?
A: Yes, non-students may still attend; however, you should understand that this is a student-driven event.
Q: Can I register a group?
A: Eventbrite will allow you to register up to 20 people.  Alternatively, you can contact unacvancouver@gmail.com and we can take care of group registrations for you.
Q: I’ve never been to a networking event before. What can I expect?
A: Networking events can be intimidating but keep in mind that most of the people attending TGLL are also students looking to learn and meet people.  The representatives are open to answering your questions, so come prepared.  Don’t be afraid to talk to other students as well. Networking means you never know who could be your next boss, business partner, employee, or colleague!
Q: What should I wear?
A: This is a business casual event.
Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: Business cards if you have them. A pen is always good. Notes or questions that you have about the organizations you are interested in. An electronic version of your ticket is ideal
Q: Do you have any networking tips?
A: Click here for a list of networking tips and sample networking questions.
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