The event was attended by various organizations and important personalities. Each organization and representative were allotted a table and individual attendees could choose their table online while registering for the event.
I was lucky enough to get the last seat available at the Senator’s table. Organizations like the City of Vancouver, UNAC-Vancouver, Oxfam, RCMP, BCCIC, CIC, Liu Institute for Global Issues, and many others were present, and they sure did make the event a grand success.
It’s on such rare occasions that individuals get to meet and improve their career prospects with such significant organizations. Moreover, such events provide a wonderful learning experience for both the individuals as well as the organizations.
Madhumita Varma, Bachelor of Arts student, UBC
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The day I arrived at the event, I felt so excited because I had expectations of meeting people that have experience in working in the social service field. At the entrance, they were offering raffle tickets and I remember that I had just enough money to buy one ticket.
After the successful and interesting networking time the organizers raffled the tickets and suddenly I heard my name. My prize was a coffee with Patsy George. Hmmm I thought. Who was Patsy George? After emailing and finally meeting Patsy, I was impressed to find out how special of a citizen she was.
But I was still unsure of what would become of meeting this special lady. To my surprise she began to talk about my studies and what I was doing and then to my shock offered me an opportunity to apply for a grant from her own foundation.
Ida Reiman, Undergrad student, UBC
I enjoyed learning about Social Venture Partner’s operations and learning about your experiences.  I truly appreciate you answering my questions in regards to your most valued experience and skill sets that are important to enhance for today’s job market!
Your comment towards taking hold of opportunities in the beginning of my career path really resonated with me, and how a career path does not have to be a linear and methodical process.
This is something that I struggle with, but your insight and successes is something I will take to heart in the upcoming years of my career development.
Natalie, TGLL 2017 Participant
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