How TGLL Event Works

United Nations Association in Canada - Vancouver Branch

Each organization hosts a table with a designated representative serving as the Table Captain. These Table Captains provide insights about their organization, share information about available opportunities, and engage with attendees.

Attendees have ample opportunities to network with various organizations throughout the duration of the event.

A distinguished Keynote Speaker delivers an address, and a breakfast buffet is available for all attendees.

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Frequently asked questions

TGLL is a wonderful opportunity to connect with representatives from socially active non-profit organizations! You will meet like-minded individuals to explore ideas, learn and build valuable connections.

Picture it as a friendly party where your career gets to mingle and make new connections, opening doors to exciting opportunities along the way!

Networking events can be intimidating but keep in mind that most of the people attending TGLL are also students looking to learn and meet people. The representatives are open to answering your questions, so come prepared. Don’t be afraid to talk to other students as well. Networking means you never know who could be your next boss, business partner, employee, or colleague!

a. Set clear goals for the event, outlining what you hope to achieve or learn.
b. Engage in conversations with diverse attendees to broaden your network.
c. Follow up promptly after the event, expressing appreciation and reinforcing connections through personalized messages or LinkedIn connections.

Click here for a list of networking tips and sample networking questions.

a. Each non-profit, socially active organization will host a table with a “Table Captain” (organization representative) that shares information about themselves, their organization, and available opportunities to attendees.
b. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with organizations throughout the event.
c. A Keynote Speaker will be featured and breakfast buffet will be provided.

A “Table Captain” is a representative from a non-profit organization. You will get a chance to speak with multiple table captains during the event and discover more about their organization!

Business cards if you have them. A pen is always good. Notes or questions that you have about the organizations you are interested in. An electronic version of your ticket is ideal.

Business casual is encouraged. Consider, what would you wear to a job interview?

Arbutus Ballroom in the Holiday Inn Vancouver-Centre (Broadway), 711 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Y2

Accessible by transit, located a 6-minute walk from the Broadway-City Hall Skytrain station.

Please find our latest Table Captains list here.

All participating organizations foster positive change and lead initiatives locally and/or internationally. They have a wealth of knowledge, work with their communities, and are passionate about not-for-profit work!

Yes, non-students may still attend; however, you should understand that this is a student-driven event.

Eventbrite will allow you to register up to 20 people. Alternatively, you can contact [email protected] and we can take care of group registrations for you.

After you purchase your ticket through Eventbrite, the event ticket will be sent to the email address you have provided. If you encounter any issues, please contact [email protected].

    1. Registration for the event
    2. Automatic entry for raffle
    3. Breakfast buffet
    4. Keynote speaker 
    5. Networking sessions
    1. Wheelchair accessible
    2. Food restrictions: Gluten-free and vegetarian options available for breakfast